US, UK arms responsible for civilian deaths in Yemen
Oxfam International suggests that the UK is partially responsible for the continued violence in Yemen, due to its arms sales to Saudi Arabia
By News Desk - January 11 2023

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

A report released on 11 January titled ‘Fueling Conflict‘ disclosed that the Saudi-led coalition killed 87 Yemeni civilians over a 14-month period using weapons supplied by the US and the UK between January 2021 and February 2022.

Oxfam International has suggested that the UK has played an integral role in fueling the renewed “pattern of violence against civilians” in Yemen via London’s continued arms sales to the Saudi-led coalition.

Oxfam added that in addition to the deaths of 87 civilians, the use of these weapons supplied by Saudi Arabia’s western allies has also resulted in 136 civilian injuries and attacks on 19 hospitals and clinics, amounting to 293 attacks, forcing thousands to flee their homes in Yemen.

According to Oxfam’s policy adviser Martin Butcher: “The sheer number of attacks on civilians is a stark testament to the terrible tragedy the people of Yemen have suffered.”

The following statistics in the report derive from the records of Yemen’s resistance movement Ansarallah.

Earlier this month, the Lebanese news publication Al-Akhbarreported that Saudi Arabia affirmed its readiness to end their occupation of Yemen and withdraw under the conditions set by Ansarallah.

In return, Riyadh demanded that Sanaa presents a set of “guarantees” that it will not threaten Saudi Arabia and its security nor allow hostilities to originate from Yemeni soil. 

However, Ansarallah claims that the US is intentionally preventing peace talks between Sanaa and Riyadh to further exploit the war-torn country’s resources, such as oil, given the current global energy crisis.

The leader of Ansarallah, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, previously said that the US obstructed the path for a comprehensive peace process in Yemen, calling the western nation “the root of the problem.”

“The Americans, the Israelis, the British, and their regional puppets want Yemen to be occupied and submissive to them…The enemies want to set up their bases anywhere in Yemen, control its infrastructure and make the political field subject to their interests, to the extent that they choose who can be president or prime minister,” the resistance leader added.

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