Thirteen Palestinians killed by Israel since start of new year
The killings took place in different areas across the occupied West Bank, and were mostly the result of several violent Israeli raids
By News Desk - January 15 2023

The funeral procession of 21-year-old Ahmad Abu Junaid, shot dead by Israeli forces in Nablus on 11 January, 2023 (Photo credit: Resistance News Network)

Israeli occupation troops have killed 13 Palestinians in the span of two weeks as a result of several raids and confrontations across the occupied West Bank.

Starting off the new year, Israeli forces killed two Palestinian men, Mohammed Hoshiyeh, aged 22, and Fuad Abed, aged 25, during a raid on Jenin’s Kufr Dan village on 2 January, the Palestinian Health Ministry said at the time. Hoshiyeh was reportedly claimed as a member of the Al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade, while Abed belonged to the Hamas resistance movement.

The army raided the village to demolish the homes of two resistance fighters who, in September, were involved in a shootout that led to both their deaths and the death of a soldier. At least three others were wounded in the raid on Kufr Dan.

A day after the Kufr Dan raid, the military launched another in Bethlehem’s Al-Dheisha refugee camp, leaving 15-year-old Adam Ayyad dead after taking an Israeli bullet to the chest.

On 5 January, 17-year-old Amer Abu Zaytoun was shot in the head by Israeli soldiers during an evening raid on the Balata refugee camp in the West Bank city of Nablus. Pronounced dead shortly after, Abu Zaytoun was the fourth Palestinian to be killed by Israel since the new year.

A week later, on 11 January, 18-year-old Sanad Samamra injured a settler in a stabbing operation in the Havat Yehuda settlement, south of Hebron. He was killed by the Israeli army shortly after. In a separate incident on the same day, Ahmad Abu Junaid, aged 21, was shot in the head in Nablus’ Balata camp.

On 12 January, Abdul Hadi Fakhri Nazzal, aged 18, and Habib Kamil, aged 25, were shot dead by soldiers in Qabatia, in the northern West Bank south of Jenin. Several military vehicles raided the town at the time, resulting in protests among Palestinians, and the subsequent firing of tear gas and live ammunition by the troops. On the same day, 41-year-old Sameer Aslan was attempting to prevent his son from being detained by soldiers after 15 Palestinians had been forcefully abducted by Israeli forces from the Qalandiya refugee camp. The father of eight was then shot in the chest, and died before reaching the hospital.

A day later, on 13 January, Ezzeddine Bassem Hamamra, aged 24, and Amjad Khaliliya, aged 23 were shot and killed while confronting occupation forces after they stormed the town of Jaba south of Jenin. Additionally, one of the Palestinians injured during the Kufr Dan raid on 2 January, Yazan Samer al-Jaabari, succumbed to his wounds and died on 14 January.

Just today, on 15 January, Israel gunned down Ahmad Hasan Kahla, aged 45, near the West Bank town of Silwad, north of Ramallah. Kahla’s death marked the thirteenth Palestinian killed by Israel since the start of 2023.

Slowly but surely, the situation in Palestine is reaching a boiling point. Benjamin Netanyahu’s newly elected government calls for the annexation of what little Palestinian territory remains, and its ministers are seemingly granted the authority to storm holy sites as they see fit.

As the Jerusalem ‘status-quo’ continues to come under threat, and Palestinians fall victim to Israeli violence at an unprecedented rate, resistance is already drastically on the rise and is expected to shoot up even more, particularly in the West Bank.

With things as they are, it may be difficult to rule out the prospect of an all-out regional war between Israel and the resistance axis.

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