Hamas rejects US ‘security plan’ during Egypt summit: Report
Previous reports called Washington's 'security plan' problematic as it did not require any concessions from Tel Aviv and called for the formation of a 'special force' to counter the resistance
By News Desk - February 09 2023

(Photo credit: Reuters)

A delegation from Hamas rejected a US-drafted “security plan” during a meeting with Egyptian intelligence officials in Cairo that called for the Palestinian resistance group to stop its work in the West Bank and inside the cities occupied in 1948, according to sources that spoke with Lebanese daily Al Akhbar.

The arrival of the Hamas delegation on 8 February, led by politburo chief Ismail Haniyeh, came just days after a similar visit by a Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) delegation to Cairo.

Per the report, Egyptian officials presented Hamas with the US security plan and transmitted Washington’s desire to see a de-escalation of tensions in the occupied territories.

In response to this, the resistance officials highlighted that Washington’s plan only wants to guarantee security for Israel and does not take into account Palestinians’ rights or the severe abuses they suffer under the occupation.

The officials also stressed that the escalation of violence is led by the Israeli government and its apartheid policies, which include near-daily raids of West Bank neighborhoods, attacks on Muslim and Christian holy sites, the illegal expansion of settlements, and the continued murder of civilians.

“In light of the Israeli crimes, it is impossible to talk about calming the situation in the occupied territories,” the Hamas delegation reportedly told the Egyptian officials.

Over 35 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces since the beginning of this year, according to Palestinian human rights reports.

At least 10 Israelis have been killed in separate shooting attacks in occupied Jerusalem.

The Hamas delegation also stressed that the resistance is determined to respond to the provocations of Israel’s far-right government, particularly those of National Security Minister Bezalel Smotrich and National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir.

“Hamas will not remain silent on the plans to Judaize the city of Jerusalem, expel Jerusalemites, and demolish their homes … what [Hamas] proved during the battle of the Sword of Jerusalem will not be undone,” the officials went on to say.

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