Lebanon targeted by Washington: Nasrallah
Nasrallah noted that the US has been exploiting the corruption of the Lebanese administration to implement its scheme in Lebanon
By News Desk - February 16 2023

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah (Photo credit: AP Photo/Hassan Ammar)

The Secretary General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, warned that Lebanon has entered, since 2019, a new phase of a US scheme aimed at bringing it back to the era of Washington’s control, reported RT Arabic.

During a memorial service for the martyred commanders of the Lebanese resistance movement on 16 February, Nasrallah pointed out that the US has been implementing its plan in Lebanon by taking advantage of the corruption and poor management of the Lebanese government.

“The record low of the Lebanese Lira against the US dollar needs to be dealt with urgently,” Nasrallah stated, stressing that US pressures as well as a policy of deliberate withdrawal of cash and deposits “are the main causes behind the current economic crisis.”

He highlighted that the US plan to destabilize Lebanon and push it toward collapse will fail and issued a warning that the Lebanese resistance party will not remain silent in this regard.

Nasrallah threatened that continuing to sow chaos in Lebanon would ignite the entire region, but especially the Israeli occupation.

The secretary general also lashed out at the US over sanctions against the Syrian government and declared, “We are standing before a big tragedy that tests the humanity of all of us. The US Administration abandoned people in Syria and left them to die due to its oppressive sanctions.”

Nasrallah expressed gratitude to everyone who complied with Hezbollah’s request for assistance in the earthquake-stricken areas of Syria while stressing the necessity of establishing earthquake safety plans in Lebanon because “our nation is not safe from such risks.”

He also criticized the double standards adopted by the international community in dealing with the tragedy between Turkiye and Syria.

Hezbollah’s Secretary General praised the Iranian people for celebrating the 44th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution while criticizing the Western media for its slanted coverage of the one million-man marches that erupted across the country in support of the Islamic Republic on that occasion.

“Western media turned blind eye to the million-man marches across Iran on the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, as it focused on riots and instigated against the establishment in the Islamic Republic,” he added.

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