Iraq urges Arab nations to reintegrate Syria
Iraq calls for major efforts to be made to stabilize Syria and enable the country's displaced citizens to return to their homes
By News Desk - February 25 2023

the 34th conference of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (Photo Credit: WAM News Agency)

On 24 February, at least a dozen speakers, representatives, and lawmakers from 18 Arab nations gathered in Baghdad to participate in an Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (APU) session,  Raialyoum news agency reported.

Mohamed al-Halbousi, Speaker of the Council of Representatives and leader of the Progress Party, urged the Arab countries to take part in Syria’s reconstruction efforts following the recent earthquakes and to adopt a policy to reintegrate the country into the regional political sphere.

“The moment has come for Arab nations to unite its efforts, put aside petty disagreements, and face the current challenges both internationally and regionally by developing a thorough and practical approach to resolving long-standing issues,” Halbousi said in his opening speech.

He added that “Syria has experienced difficult circumstances in recent days following the devastating earthquake, which caused severe damage to lives and property…All of this requires us all to strive and continue in the duty of support and support until the repercussions of the crisis and its difficult effects are resolved.”

In order for Syria to effectively play its regional and global roles, Halbousi urged “the Arab nations at all parliamentary and governmental levels to make a final decision to return Syria to its Arab surroundings.”

According to Mohamed Siddiq, the chairman of the foreign relations committee of the Iraqi parliament, the 34th conference this year included a session on the internal affairs of the union under the banner of “Arab support for a secure Iraq.”

Numerous participating Arab delegations “praised” Iraq’s role in bringing Arab countries together, state media reported.

The delegations are also set to lay out a strategy for the APU as well as to “activate” its role as the main body of coordination between the regional parliaments.

Established in 1973, the APU body was created to foster ties among the Arab parliaments. Baghdad hosted at least five rounds of mediation between the two regional arch-foes, Saudi Arabia and Iran, whose diplomatic ties broke down in 2016.

On 9 February, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani disclosed that Baghdad is preparing to hold bilateral talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia to ensure regional and international stability.

Sudani made the announcement in the UAE, affirming that Iraq can establish serious talks between Tehran and Riyadh and adding that the kingdom’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) agreed to start a dialogue with the Islamic Republic.

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