Rockets hit US-occupied oilfield in northeast Syria
The US Green Village base in the occupied Al-Omar oilfield is regularly targeted by rocket attacks
By News Desk - March 14 2023

(Photo credit: AFP)

Two rockets struck the US army’s Green Village military base in the occupied Al-Omar oilfield in northeast Syria late on 13 March, US Central Command (CENTCOM) revealed in a statement.

“On March 13, at 8:23 pm local time in Syria, two rockets landed near Coalition Forces at Mission Support Site Green Village in northeast Syria. No US or Coalition troops were killed or wounded, and there was no damage to Coalition infrastructure or equipment,” CENTCOM said.

“US forces found rocket debris at the Point of Impact. US forces in northeast Syria are investigating this incident. There are no claims of responsibility at this time,” the statement added.

Colonel Joe Buccino, CENTCOM spokesman, claimed attacks against the occupation army “undermine the hard-earned stability and security of Syria and the region.”

Rocket attacks against US bases in Syria have become a frequent occurrence. The last attack took place on 18 February and was also directed at the Green Village.

Around a month earlier, on 20 January, three suicide drones attacked the eastern Al-Tanf base, injuring a number of the extremist militants who are known to be trained by the US inside the facility. Around two weeks before the Al-Tanf drone attack, the US base in Deir Ezzor’s Conoco gas field came under heavy rocket fire.

On the same day as the Conoco attack, the US military carried out yet another oil and wheat smuggling operation, illegally transporting over 60 trucks and tankers over to its bases in Iraq.

These strikes are not usually claimed by any group, but are generally attributed to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

As Washington bolsters its occupation in the country and continues its systematic campaign of looting its natural resources, the attacks are expected to continue.

On 8 March, a War Powers Resolution introduced by Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz – which could have ended Washington’s illegal occupation of Syria – was struck down by the House of Representatives in a 103-321 vote.

A few days earlier, General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, visited US forces occupying northeastern Syria, where he was quoted to have said that Washington’s illegal presence in the country is ‘worth the risk.’

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