Palestinian rockets rain down on Tel Aviv
Over 300 rockets have been fired into Israel by the resistance so far, as renewed Israeli aggression on Gaza has resulted in five more Palestinian deaths
By News Desk - May 10 2023

A Palestinian rocket being launched from the besieged Gaza Strip into Israel on 10 May, 2023. (Photo credit: Silah al-Ishara/Telegram)

The Palestinian resistance began launching rockets into Tel Aviv on the afternoon of 10 May, in what many are saying is just the beginning of its response to Israel’s massacre in the Gaza Strip a day earlier.

A Palestinian source told Al-Mayadeen: “The response to the Israeli aggression has just started. We are still at the beginning.”

According to reports, at least five Israeli settlers have been injured by the ongoing rocket-fire.

Until now, several barrages of rockets have been fired into Tel Aviv, as well as the cities of Ascalon, Ashdod, and Sederot, as well as other areas, including the settlements surrounding the Gaza Strip.

Video footage on social media shows hundreds of Israelis fleeing the beach in Tel Aviv and running toward shelters as the sounds of sirens went off.

Israel has reportedly shut down the airspace over Ben Gurion airport as a result of the successive rocket strikes. So far, more than 300 rockets have been fired into Tel Aviv and elsewhere in the occupied territories, according to Israeli media.

A source in the Joint Operations Room of the Palestinian resistance factions was quoted as saying that there is “complete Palestinian consensus, coordination and political support for this response.”

In a statement, the Joint Operations Room announced the start of “‘Operation Revenge of the Free’ and takes responsibility for today’s rocket barrages.”

“Targeting civilian homes, attacking our people, and assassinating our men and heroes is a red line that will be met with full force, and the enemy will pay a heavy price for it, Allah willing,” the statement said, adding that “the resistance is ready for all options, and if the occupation persists in its aggression and arrogance, dark days await it.”

Before the start of the rocket-fire, Israeli warplanes were launching renewed strikes on the Gaza Strip.

As a result of the Israeli strikes, five more Palestinians were killed on Wednesday, with the death toll after Tuesday’s massacre currently standing at 20 Palestinians, including over 40 injuries.

One of today’s casualties was a five-year-old Gazan boy whose heart reportedly stopped due to fear.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that the Israeli government is prepared to expand the ongoing operation in Gaza, dubbed “Shield and Arrow.”

“We’re prepared for the possibility of broadening the campaign and for very severe blows, now and later as well … I think we will have the upper hand,” Netanyahu said.

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