Yemen warns Saudi Arabia against ‘procrastinating’ ending war
The Yemeni official also lauded the resistance’s recent victory against Israel, and warned the coalition that Tel Aviv cannot protect it
By News Desk - May 15 2023

(Photo credit: AFP)

During a march of solidarity with the Palestinian people on 14 May, a member of the Sanaa government’s Supreme Political Council, Muhammad Ali al-Houthi, accused the Saudi-led coalition of “procrastinating” with its recent promises to end the war and lift the blockade against Yemen.

Houthi said during the march that the Yemeni people must remain “vigilant and constantly prepared.”

“The enemy has so far been procrastinating in stopping the aggression and lifting the siege on Yemen,” he said.

In recent months, Saudi Arabia has been involved in Omani-mediated peace talks with the Ansarallah resistance movement, which have resulted in some progress, including a prisoner exchange, as well as agreements on an eventual lifting of the blockade against Hodeidah port and Sanaa International Airport.

Saudi Arabia has also agreed to pay the salaries of all government employees in the territories of the National Salvation Government (NSG) in Sanaa, among other things.

However, as obstruction of peace efforts by Washington and the UAE continue, Saudi Arabia’s newfound willingness to end the war has been overshadowed – and recently, the coalition has resumed its violations of efforts to solidify a truce by launching border attacks and shelling regions such as Saada province and other areas.

Meanwhile, Ansarallah has maintained its siege over the strategic southwestern province of Taiz.

“We see Saudi Arabia and the UAE today, broken in the face of Yemen … it sees the Iron Dome [in Israel] and how it failed to protect the Zionists. So how can they [the Zionists] protect the normalizing countries, now?” Houthi said, referencing the malfunctions in Israel’s Iron Dome defense system during recent rocket fire on the occupied territories in last week’s battle.

Ansarallah has repeatedly warned that if peace efforts fail, it is prepared for all out war against the coalition, and is ready to strike the depths of both Saudi Arabia and the UAE with missiles.

During the march, Houthi also renewed Ansarallah’s support for the Palestinian cause and resistance, and declared its readiness to confront Israel.

“We affirm, as the Yemeni people, our loyalty to Palestine …  we are present for actual and direct participation,” he added.

The Ansarallah movement is known to possess missiles that are capable of reaching Israel, including the Zulfiqar missile, which it has used against Saudi Arabia in the past.

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