Israel launches missile attack on Syria’s Homs governorate
The latest attack by Tel Aviv comes soon after the Syrian government regained control over several of its southern regions
By News Desk - October 09 2021

Israeli missiles flying above Damascus, Syria. 21 January, 2019 (Photo credit: SANA)

Syrian media reported late on 8 October that the country’s air defense forces had repelled an Israeli missile attack on a military airbase in Homs governorate.

“At around 9:33 pm this evening, the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack from the direction of the Al-Tanf area, with rockets launched toward the T-4 military airport in the central province,” a Syrian military source said, adding that at least six soldiers were injured.

According to reports, Israeli warplanes launched their missiles from the direction of Al-Tanf, a US outpost on the border between Syria, Jordan and Iraq, and hit the airbase.

Israel often bombs Syria by violating Lebanese airspace to launch their strikes. Earlier this year, Beirut lodged a complaint with the UN after Tel Aviv bombed Damascus and the western city of Homs.

These latest attacks by Israel come just as the Syrian government managed to retake control of several southern regions from the grip of armed militias, offering rebel fighters a chance to lay down their arms and rejoin Syrian society.

Efforts are also ongoing to liberate Idlib governorate with the help of Russian airstrikes as the Kremlin has doubled down on its fight against terror groups allowed to roam free in the US-controlled region.

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