Hezbollah chief says Palestinian struggle has to be the main concern of all Muslims
Nasrallah emphasized unity with regards to the volatile situation in Lebanon, Yemen, and Palestine
By News Desk - October 23 2021

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

In a speech given as part of the commemoration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said that the liberation of the Palestinian people has to be the top concern of Muslims.

“The top priority and responsibility among Muslims is Palestine with its oppressed people, detainees, refugees and violated sanctities that every human being must be concerned about,” Nasrallah declared on 22 October, adding that “Palestine will win when it is united on the internal and external fronts against Israel.”

With regards to normalization agreements signed by certain regional powers with Israel, Nasrallah pointed out that not only are some Arab states building ties with Israel, but are also showering the nation of occupiers with “love and praise.”

He also emphasized that “among the most important battles” to engage in is “the anti-normalization effort.”

The resistance leader also took time to hail the efforts of the Yemeni people in liberating their country from foreign occupation, as well as their defense of Palestine amid their own suffering.

Nasrallah in particular took aim at a recent call by the UN Security Council for a ceasefire in Yemen just as the army is about to retake the oil-rich Marib province.

He called the announcement by the UNSC “the continuation of the war,” adding that “instead of blaming the victim, the international community should listen to the demands of millions of Yemenis.”

Highlighting the role of unity in the region, Nasrallah also called for the rejection of forces “trying to push Lebanon towards strife.”

Finally, the Hezbollah chief said he would not comment on “land and maritime border demarcation, which is left to the Lebanese state,” reassuring citizens that “when the resistance sees that Lebanon’s oil is in danger, we will act.”

Nasrallah was referring to a recent push by Israel to unilaterally exploit natural gas deposits in a disputed maritime region with Lebanon, calling Tel Aviv authorities “greedy” and “delusional if [they] think that [they] can act freely in the disputed maritime area.”

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