Syrian army blocks US convoy from entering government controlled area in Al-Hasakah governorate
Foreign occupation forces are being met with growing discontent across Syria as the government moves to liberate rebel-held regions
By News Desk - October 23 2021

(Photo credit: SOHR)

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops have prevented a US army convoy from crossing into a government-controlled area in Syria’s northeastern Al-Hasakah governorate.

The SAA troops were deployed at a security checkpoint on the M4 highway near the village of al-Damkhiya, southwest of Qamishli city, on 21 October.

According to Sputnik, once the US convoy reached the checkpoint, an SAA officer held a discussion with a US army officer through an Iraqi interpreter before the convoy was forced to turn around and return to areas controlled by terror groups.

This marked the second time in a week that a US army convoy has been forced to turn tail. On the afternoon of 19 October, residents of the village of Hamu in Qamishli district, near the Turkish border, also intercepted the US troops trying to exit Syria.

Popular anger is mounting against the presence of foreign troops on Syrian soil, particularly in oil-rich areas under the control of terror groups that often serve as proxies protecting Washington’s interests.

US convoys are also often seen stealing everything from oil to wheat from the country, transporting the ill-gotten goods to their military bases in Iraq.

Meanwhile, protests against the presence of Turkish troops in Aleppo governorate also intensified this week, as hundreds gathered on 22 October in Tel Rifaat city to demand the withdrawal of Ankara’s forces and their allied Takfiri militants.

These developments come as the SAA, with the help of Russian forces, have begun a push to liberate Syria’s northern regions from the control of western-backed armed groups after successfully liberating Deraa governorate earlier this year.

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