Iraqi forces detain ISIS members in Diyala
Despite its defeat in 2017, ISIS still makes an occasional comeback in Iraq
By News Desk - November 06 2021

On 5 November, Iraqi forces detained four terrorists belonging to the Takfiri group ISIS in the province of Diyala, according to local sources.

In line with the counter-terrorist operations in various parts of the country, Iraqi forces have been hunting down ISIS groups in Diyala, hitting their positions in a complex operation, according to a report published by Baghdad-al-Youm,

In previous operations, Iraqi forces were able to seize large quantities of rockets belonging to the ISIS Takfiri group in Nineveh province.

Following security improvements in Iraq, a number of ISIS terrorists recently attempted to penetrate the areas of the Saladin governorate.

Their attempt was foiled with the timely intervention of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Unit (PMU), also known as Hashd al-Shaabi, which prevented ISIS from achieving its goal.

Iraqi PM Mustafa Al Kadhimi has tried to rid his country of ISIS terrorists. In a series of complicated operations, Iraqi armed forces were able to capture ISIS finance chief, Sami Jassem al-Jaburi on 11 October. Al-Jaburi was also the deputy of ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi.

Al-Jaburi was “one of the most wanted internationally … and close to the current leader Abdullah Qardash,” according to a statement by the Iraqi Interior Ministry’s Security Media Cell.

In another big hit operation on 19 October, Iraqi forces were able to arrest a suspect responsible for the bloody explosion in Baghdad in 2016 that left 323 people dead and 250 wounded.

Ghazwan Alzawbaee was the prime suspect of the explosion in Karrada district of Baghdad in 2016.

“Five years after the terrorist bombing of Karrada, our brave forces succeeded in capturing the terrorist Ghazwan Alzawbaee in a complex intelligence operation outside the country. He is the primary culprit behind the Karrada atrocity and many others,” Al Kadhimi said in a tweet posted on 19 October.

ISIS was defeated in 2017 when the Iraqi government took control over territories that ISIS had once dominated. Since then, however, ISIS has maintained sleeper cells and conducted sporadic attacks.



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