Iranian media unveils identity of a senior Israeli intelligence official
The information was reportedly part of a recent leak revealing the private information of several members of Israel's 8200 Unit
By News Desk - November 17 2021

Ohad Zeidenberg speaking at an Israeli cyber-security conference. (Photo credit: Fars News Agency)

On 17 November, Iranian media outlets revealed the identity of a senior Israeli intelligence official belonging to the so-called 8200 Unit, allegedly as part of a recent leak from the Moses Staff hacker group.

According to Fars News Agency, Ohad Zeidenberg is an Israeli intelligence operative specializing in Iranian affairs and responsible for designing and leading operations that seek to cause “crisis, sabotage, and unrest inside Iran.” He was also identified as a fake news infrastructure design expert.

Zeidenberg is the CEO of the Cyber ​​Threat Company (CTI), a firm that allegedly helps plan the operations of Israeli security agencies and intelligence services, including the Mossad.

According to Zeidenberg’s LinkedIn profile, he claims to work as a ‘Threat Intelligence Strategic Leader’ at the Anheuser-Busch InBev multinational brewing company. He is also often cited by Israeli and western media outlets as a ‘cyber-security expert.’

Earlier this week, a hacker group calling itself Moses Staff leaked the pictures and private information of 16 Israeli military officers belonging to the 8200 Unit, which has been described as the equivalent to the National Security Agency (NSA) in the US.

The leak also included 22 TB of 3D (three-dimensional) files mapping all of Israel to an accuracy of 5 cm, which are used to create maps for training by the Israeli military.

This marked the latest cyber-security attack against Tel Aviv. Earlier this month, a different hacker group calling itself Justice for Palestine released classified information on high-ranking Israeli intelligence and military officials, including the head of the Shabak intelligence service Ronen Bar, the former director of the Mossad intelligence service Yossi Cohen, and the chief of the Israeli military intelligence Aharon Haliva.

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