Saudi-led coalition destroys Yemeni drone; violates Hodeidah ceasefire agreement
Yemen claims that the overnight attacks included violations of the Stockholm Agreement, as well as indiscriminate strikes in civilian areas
By News Desk - December 01 2021

Saudi-UAE air attack on Yemen’s capital (2019, Iranpress.com)

The Saudi-led coalition announced early 1 December that it had downed a booby-trapped drone belonging to the Ansarallah resistance group.

Saudi outlet, Saudi Press Agency, reported that the coalition destroyed a rigged, explosive drone launched from Sanaa International airport.

In addition, the Saudi-led coalition claimed to have hit units, including a rigged boat in the Red Sea, belonging to the Ansarallah, which the Saudis said was transporting arms.

The Saudi outlet Al-Arabiya reported that “the drone was assembled and booby-trapped by the Air Defense Battalion at Sanaa International Airport.”

On 30 November, the Saudi-led coalition claimed to hit an Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) training center in Sanaa, amid ongoing airstrikes on the capital.

The coalition claimed that the strikes were in accordance with “humanitarian law and its customary rules.”

According to media outlet, Arab Newsthe drone was downed in Amran, Yemen.

The Saudi coalition continues to strike civilian areas in Sanaa and elsewhere in Yemen, while claiming self defense and compliance with international humanitarian stipulations in its drone attacks on Yemen.

On 27 November, the Saudi-led coalition launched a night-time siege, targeting and destroying several buildings in and around the Yemeni capital, Sanaa.

Riyadh claimed that recent attacks targeted military sites, but it failed to identify which military sites it had targeted.

Saudi-backed militants also violated ceasefire agreements in Hodeidah 128 times during a 24-hour timespan.

On 26 November, Ansarallah forces continued to make advances towards the southern gates of Marib city, which is on the verge of liberation by Yemeni resistance forces.

In an article on its media outlet, Al Masirah, Ansarallah reported that the Saudi coalition had bombed a number of provinces, injuring civilians.

Al Masirah also reported that Sanaa International Airport was targeted with three raids, in addition to an attack on 21 September at Revolution Park Square in Sanaa.

The outlet also cited a source within the Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room, tasked with reporting violations of the Stockholm Agreement, which mandated a ceasefire in the port city of Hodeidah in December 2018.

The source reported 112 violations of the Stockholm Agreement by US-Saudi forces and mercenaries in the latest overnight attack.

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