Iraq’s Fatah Alliance maintains that October elections were marred by irregularities
Iraq's Fatah Alliance says the polls were marred by numerous irregularities
By News Desk - December 04 2021

Fatah Alliance leader Hadi Ameri. (Photo credit: Reuters)

Hadi al-Ameri, the leader of Iraq’s Fatah Alliance said on 4 December that the October parliamentary elections did not take place under the right environment for conducting free and fair elections.

Addressing journalists at a media conference in Baghdad, Al-Ameri said the country’s Iraq High Electoral Commission (IHEC) committed numerous legal and technical violations which affected the validity of the election results.

According to Shafaq news, Al-Ameri said his organization believes that the commission was not adequately prepared to conduct a transparent election. He said that during a meeting held at the government palace and attended by all stakeholders, including the prime minister and the United Nations representative, the Fatah Alliance expressed concern at the possibility of election results having been manipulated electronically.

The Fatah leader pointed out that during the processing of election results, the IHEC violated the electoral procedure by failing to provide a copy of the election results to each candidate before sending the results to the national headquarters in Baghdad.

He also said election observers from certain organizations were denied access to the polling stations.

Al-Ameri underlined the fact that a report which revealed that the electoral commission misled the nation by claiming that the results it announced represented 95 percent of the polling stations when in fact they only represented 79 percent is another indication that the election was marred by irregularities.

Since the announcement of the preliminary results in October, the Fatah Alliance and groups belonging to the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have maintained that fraud was committed during the vote count. They have since vowed not to participate in negotiations on the formation of the next government until the commission follows up on the complaints and appeals they submitted providing legal evidence on the final results.

Al-Ameri’s comments come just a day after demonstrators returned to the streets of Baghdad to protest against the parliamentary results.

In November, at least one person was killed and 92 wounded when security forces opened fire on a crowd that had gathered at the gates of the fortified Green Zone to protest against the election results.

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