Missile launched by Israeli occupation kills Syrian soldier
Syrian defense systems were able to intercept most of the missiles launched by the Israeli occupation from the occupied Syrian Golan
By News Desk - December 16 2021

File image. Syrian air defenses respond to Israeli missiles targeting south of the capital Damascus, on 20 July 2020. [AFP via Getty Images]

On 16 December, Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that a missile attack by the Israeli occupation in the early hours of 16 December killed one Syrian soldier and caused some material damage.

Quoting a ministry of defense official, SANA reported that Syrian air defense systems intercepted and destroyed most of the missiles launched by the Israeli occupation from the occupied Syrian Golan, and targeting the southern part of the country.

In line with its policy of hiding information relating to such operations, the Israeli war ministry refused to respond to press queries about the attack.

The occupation has carried out hundreds of air and missile attacks against Syria since 2011, when western-backed rebels launched an armed uprising against the Syrian government.

On 7 December, Israeli fighter jets flying over the Mediterranean Sea fired missiles on the the key Syrian port of Latakia causing several containers to catch fire. Luckily, no casualties were reported and the fire department was able to put out the fire before it spread to adjacent facilities.

Israeli media claimed that the strikes targeted a container carrying Iranian weapons. However, no evidence was produced to support this claim.

On 24 November, two people were killed and seven sustained injuries when Israeli warplanes attacked a residential area in the city of Homs. Israeli attacks were also reported on 8 and 17 November.

The airstrikes also frequently target the Hezbollah resistance movement which has been helping the government in its fight against western-backed and western-armed groups.

Since 2011, the government of Syrian has been fighting an armed insurrection by groups supported and financed by Israel, the United States and its NATO allies. The 10 year long insurrection has resulted in a catastrophic loss of life and significant destruction of infrastructure.

In the last few years, however, Syrian government forces have managed to retake most parts of the country that had fallen into the hands of armed groups.

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