Yemeni army edges closer to victory in Al-Jawf governorate
The liberation of Marib would signal a triumphant gain for Yemeni forces in their struggle against the aggressions of the Saudi-led coalition
By News Desk - December 25 2021

Newly recruited Ansarallah fighters in the capital Sanaa. 3 January, 2017. (Photo credit: Mohammed HUWAIS / AFP)

According to field sources reported by Al-Mayadeen news network on 24 December, Yemeni forces have maintained their hold on the neighborhood of Alyutamah, the administrative capital of Khabb wal Shaaf district in Al-Jawf governorate, near the Saudi border.

According to the Arabi 21 news website, Yemeni forces attacked Alyutamah, the final bastion of the Saudi-backed mercenaries.

Later that day, Al-Mayadeen reported that Yemeni soldiers had also taken control of the strategically important international route in Alyutamah.

According to the United Nations, more than 24 million Yemenis are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance, with 10 million suffering from extreme hunger. The situation in Yemen is frequently referred to as the world’s worst humanitarian disaster, as the UN reported.

The seven-year Saudi-led war has also had a significant impact on the country’s infrastructure, destroying hospitals, schools, and factories.

With control over 85 percent of the country, the Ansarallah forces are expected to win the war.

The liberation of Marib will be an unprecedented victory for Ansarallah, and will allow them to gain control of Yemen’s vital water and oil resources, and provide relief to residents.

Despite the fact that areas controlled by Ansarallah enjoy more financial stability ($1 equals 600 Yemeni rials versus 1,480 rials in areas outside their control), the war has impoverished Sanaa.

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