Iran following Kazakhstan situation ‘closely’ as violent mass protests continue
The extreme violence of the situation in Kazakhstan has worried West Asian countries
By News Desk - January 08 2022

A burned car in front of the mayor’s office building which was torched during protests in Almaty. (Photo credit: Pavel Mikheyev/Reuters)

On 7 January, and in reaction to a journalist’s query about the latest situation in Kazakhstan, Saeed Khatibzadeh stated that the stability and security of Kazakhstan are of the utmost importance, and that he hopes “peace will be restored to the country as soon as possible.”

According to Khatibzadeh, present events on the ground in Kazakhstan are clearly an internal matter, but that it was clear some foreign parties are attempting to fuel dissatisfaction and to  destabilize the country by exploiting the situation.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry official expressed confidence that the “intelligent” people and the administration of Kazakhstan, a “brotherly and friendly neighboring country,” will respond appropriately to “foreign ill-wishers.”

Meanwhile, Israel has issued a travel warning to Kazakhstan due to the heavy unrest in the country.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has warned Israelis to “exercise caution and avoid unnecessary visits to the country.”

Demonstrations in Kazakhstan initially began with public anger over a rise in fuel prices, but events have now turned to a different direction.

Meanwhile, Kazakhstan President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has urged security forces to employ lethal force and kill “without warning” in order to quell the violent protests.

In a confrontational public address on 7 January, Tokayev said that the unrest, which began earlier this week with rallies against rising fuel prices, was orchestrated by well-trained “terrorist bandits” from both inside and outside the nation.

Local media said that protesters in Almaty attacked the airport, violently entered government facilities, and set fire to the city’s main administration office. Several people were murdered and hundreds were injured in clashes on 6 January.

In a tweet, EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell expressed “great concern” over the recent events on the ground in Kazakhstan on 6 January.

Tens of thousands of people have flooded the streets in towns throughout Kazakhstan, storming and torching government buildings as the country’s rulers confront their most serious national challenge in decades.

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