Saudi-led coalition targets Yemen with renewed airstrikes
The attacks come after Operation Hurricane Yemen targeted sites in the UAE
By News Desk - January 19 2022

Aftermath of 17 January raids (Photo credit: Khaled Abullah/Reuters)

On the evening of 17 January, the Saudi coalition unleashed yet another round of airstrikes on Sanaa, this time targeting the city’s international airport with three strikes.

The air raid is in response to the targeting of Dubai and Abu Dhabi Airports and industrial zones by the Yemeni resistance using drone strikes as part of Operation Hurricane Yemen.

The operation also targeted a UAE oil refinery in the Emirates Musaffah district, in addition to other military-related sites.

According to Brigadier General Yahya Saree of the Yemeni resistance group Ansarallah, Operation Hurricane Yemen used Quds 2 missiles, and the Abu Dhabi airports and Musaffah oil refinery were targeted with four of the these missiles.

According to SABA, the official state news agency of Yemen, reported that the Saudi-led coalition launched three raids on the city of Baida, two raids on Al-Labnat, and three raids on the district of Khab Washaft.

The state news agency reported that the raids had also targeted the provinces of Shabwa, which was hit by three raids. The provinces of Dhalea, Jawf and Bayda were also each hit by three raids.

SABA reported separately that Saudi warplanes launched nine raids on Sanaa, killing 30 civilians after launching a total of 51 raids in the capital and in its northern Yemen areas.

Casualties were reported in sites near the September 21 Revolution Park and the Azal Hospital just north of the capital. Saudi-led coalition warplanes targeted the First Division camp, also north of Sanaa.

The state news agency announced that “aggression forces violate[d] the Hodeidah truce 93 times within 24 hours.”

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