Iran says failure by UNSC to hold Israel accountable encourages atrocities against Palestinians
In 2021, the Israeli occupation destroyed 902 Palestinian homes, leaving more than 1,000 people homeless
By News Desk - January 20 2022

Fire and smoke rise above the occupied Gaza Strip after Israeli warplanes carpet bombed the enclave on 18 May, 2021. (Photo credit: Getty Images)

On 19 January, the permanent representative of Iran to the United Nations, Majid Takht Ravanchi, condemned the failure by the UN security council to take action against the Israeli occupation over the daily crimes it commits against Palestinians.

In an address to the security council, Ravanchi said the disregard of the UN body for the plight of the Palestinians has given the Israeli occupation impunity to continue with its violence and brutality against the people of Palestinians.

Ravanchi pointed to the sharp increase in the number of Palestinians killed by the Israeli occupation forces. He also highlighted the constant demolition of Palestinian homes by the occupation.

He noted that “these measures constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity, for which the perpetrators of such crimes must be brought to justice” and said that as long as the UN security council fails to hold the Israeli occupation accountable, Israel will continue its aggression against Palestine.

According to the Israeli Information Centre for Human Rights in the occupied territories, in 2021, Israeli occupations forces killed 314 Palestinians, including 71 minors, while Israeli settlers killed six Palestinians.

The majority of the victims were killed during the assault on the Gaza Strip by Israeli occupation forces in May 2021.

During the May assault, the Israeli military bombed and shelled heavily populated residential areas in the besieged Gaza Strip.

In 2021, the Israeli occupation destroyed 902 Palestinian homes and other Palestinian-owned structures, leaving more than 1,000 people homeless.

The occupation has also intensified the construction of more illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian. Thousands of settler homes are set to be built across the occupied East Jerusalem and West Bank in 2022.

On 19 January, the foreign ministers of Spain, Germany, Italy and France called on the Israeli occupation to halt the construction of new settlements.

The ministers were reacting to a decision by the Jerusalem municipality to approve the building of a new settlement in occupied East Jerusalem.

Part of the statement by the four ministers read: “This decision directly threatens the viability of a future Palestinian state. Israeli settlements are in clear violation of international law and stand in the way of a just, lasting and comprehensive peace between Israelis and Palestinians.”

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