Lebanon’s army commander warns Israel against border provocations
Army chief says Zionist forces seek to take advantage of the Lebanese crisis
By News Desk - August 01 2021

The leader of the Lebanese Armed Forces, Major General Joseph Aoun, has issued a warning to Israel against any provocations in the border region, saying that nobody will be allowed to take advantage of the current political and economic crisis gripping Lebanon.

“We keep an eye on our border to confront the danger of the Israeli enemy, which has recently stepped up its aggressiveness against Lebanon and threatened to wage a new war,” Aoun said during his speech commemorating Lebanese Army Day on 30 July.

Israel has long violated Lebanese airspace, often firing missiles against alleged Hezbollah strongholds.

“Do not allow anyone to take advantage of the poor living situation to question your faith in your country and your institutions. Lebanon is in our hands, and it is not allowed under any circumstances to plunge the country into chaos and destabilize its security and stability,” Aoun said.

Since late 2019, Lebanon has been living through a major economic crisis, described by the World Bank as possibly the worst in the modern era. The situation has been exacerbated by US sanctions, last year’s deadly blast at the Port of Beirut, and a number of caretaker governments that have so far failed to bring stability to the nation.

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