Saudi-led coalition launches 24-hour airstrike blitz on Yemen
Riyadh has intensified its indiscriminate bombing campaign since Operation Hurricane Yemen was launched
By News Desk - January 26 2022

Yemenis search for survivors in the remains of Saada prison. (Photo credit: AFP)

Saudi air raids on Yemen began on 25 January and continued into the early hours of 26 January.

Saudi airstrikes hit 50 different locations in Yemen over the spate of 24 hours.

Al-Masirah television station reported today that locations included the Jabal Habashi district in the southwest Taiz province and the districts of Al-Thawrah, Sanhan, Al-Sabahah, and Al-Sabain in Sanaa.

Meanwhile, 37 bombs were dropped on provinces of Marib, Shabwah and Al-Jawf.

On Wednesday morning, Al-Masirah reported that the US-backed Saudi aggression carried out four air raids on Al-Nahdah neighborhood.

Last week, the Ansarallah resistance movement launched a series of operations called Operation Hurricane Yemen that hit a number of military and production sites deep in the UAE.

In response, Saudi Arabia has indiscriminately targeted civilian locations in Yemen in constant air raids which have so far killed over 150 and left 350 injured since the beginning of January, according to the Yemeni Ministry of Health.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have, since 2015, led a brutal air, land, and sea bombardment and blocking campaign against Yemen.

This US-supported Saudi-Emirati military aggression has killed tens of thousands of Yemenis, and has led to the worst cholera epidemic in current times.

The Saudi-led coalition has enjoyed generous material and logistical support from the United States.

However, the Yemeni resistance have sworn to continue fighting until their country is completely liberated.

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