UAE issues summons to social media users sharing video of attack on Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi fears the effect the footage might have on its image as a tourist and business hub
By News Desk - January 27 2022

Photo credit: Mehr news agency

On 26 January, the UAE public prosecutor office summoned several individuals for sharing footage of last Monday’s missile attack by the Ansarallah.

The footage in question included social media clips showing unverified footage of the lights of anti-projectile defenses being fired into Abu Dhabi just before dawn on 24 January.

The footage showed Abu Dhabi’s interception of Ansarallah’s Operation Hurricane Yemen 2, the second of two attacks by the Yemeni resistance group in the week after the first Operation Hurricane Yemen on 17 January.

WAM, the UAE state news agency, reported that the prosecution had warned that such (video) clips could endanger critical military installations and impact social security and stability.

The number of people summoned as well as the consequences of the summonings were not specified.

This week’s Ansarallah strike on the Abu Dhabi base, which hosts US troops, was intercepted by a US-made Patriot missile.

The interception took place after a previous Ansarallah strike on a fuel production depot.

The UAE Public Prosecution warned that those publishing or distributing such videos in the UAE will be faced with “deterrent legal measures.”

The UAE, which rarely discusses its political and security situationĀ  in the public eye, is under threat of losing its image as a safe international business hotspot and global tourist site.

“The Public Prosecution will carry out its responsibilities in applying the law in all firmness towards these crimes and the perpetrators,” the state news agency statement added.

The UAE joined the Saudi-led coalition in its siege on Yemen in 2015, when the war on Yemen began.

Operations Hurricane Yemen 1 and 2 were launched by Ansarallah, striking a number of industrial and military sites in the UAE, and targeting the Al-Dhafra airbase in Abu Dhabi as well as a number of strategic sites in Dubai with Zulfiqar missiles and Samad 3 drones.

Yemeni Brigadier General Yahya Saree said on 24 January that both military operations were carried out in response to the escalation of violence by the US-Saudi-Emirati coalition on the country and on the people of Yemen.

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