Yemeni airstrikes push US to issue travel advisory for the UAE
Yemen's ruling Ansarallah movement has warned of further strikes against the UAE if it continues its occupation of the country
By News Desk - January 28 2022

Screengrab of a video purportedly of a fire caused by a Yemeni drone attack in Abu Dhabi. (Photo credit: Social media)

The US State Department on 26 January issued a notice warning US citizens against traveling to the UAE over what it said was “the possibility of citizens being caught up in attacks by rebel groups operating in Yemen.”

The notice posted online said Washington remains “very concerned” about the prospect of the attacks on its “citizens and interests.”

Recent retaliatory attacks on the UAE by the Yemeni Armed Forces have unsettled Emirati authorities and their allies.

On 26 January, the UAE Interior Ministry banned civilian drones and light recreational aircraft citing the “misuse of drones recently.”

Under the new rules, flying a drone could result in a hefty fine or a prison sentence ranging between six months and five years.

Meanwhile, on 27 January the organizers of the Dubai Expo 2020 announced the postponement of a rock concert that was scheduled to take place on 30 January. Organizers said the postponement was due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

The decision came a few days after the Yemeni armed forces hinted that it could target Dubai if the UAE continues participating in the brutal war against the people of Yemen.

The Yemeni Armed Forces on 17 January launched retaliatory attacks against targets in the Emirati capital. The strikes caused a fire at an oil facility and a building under construction near the main airport of the city.

Seven days later, UAE and US authorities said their missile systems intercepted more missiles launched by the Yemeni army.

The Emirati government is a key member of the Saudi-led coalition that in January 2015 launched a war against the government of Yemen in an attempt to restore the government of ousted president Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi.

The aggression which has mainly been carried out using weapons  supplied by the US has killed hundreds of thousands of Yemeni citizens.

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