Iraqi resistance faction launches drone attack on the UAE
Earlier in the day Emirati officials announced the downing of three drones inside Abu Dhabi airspace
By News Desk - February 03 2022

Abu Dhabi. (Photo credit: Reuters)

Late on 2 February an Iraqi faction calling themselves “Brigades of True Promise, Sons of Arabia” claimed responsibility for a drone attack on the Emirati capital earlier in the day.

The group’s statement reads: “At dawn today we launched a strike against the state of evil UAE, with four drones that targeted vital installations in Abu Dhabi. We will continue to inflict painful strikes until the UAE stops interfering in the region, particularly in Yemen and Iraq.”

Statement released by an Iraqi faction calling themselves “Brigades of True Promise, Sons of Arabia.”

The statement ends with a warning to UAE officials, saying: “The coming strikes will be more severe and painful.”

Just hours before the Iraqi faction targeted Abu Dhabi, Emirati authorities announced they had destroyed three drones with “hostile” intent.

“MOD announces interception and destruction, away from populated areas, of three hostile drones that penetrated UAE airspace at dawn today,” the defense ministry said on its official Twitter account. “MOD confirms it is ready to deal with any threats and is taking all necessary measures to protect the state and its territory.”

The Gulf state has faced several attacks over recent weeks, with most being launched by Yemen’s ruling Ansarallah movement in retaliation for Abu Dhabi’s ongoing role in the Saudi-led war.

On 31 January the group launched its most recent attack on the UAE, coinciding with the visit by Israel’s president, drawing US intervention.

Washington’s forces said they deployed several Patriot interceptors to thwart Monday’s attacks. On top of this, a day later the Pentagon announced it is sending fighter jets to assist the UAE against the “threats” made by Ansarallah officials.

Since 2015 Saudi Arabia and its closest allies have been waging a brutal war in Yemen that has killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions more.

The escalation has raised concerns of a worsening humanitarian crisis, as the World Food Programme (WFP) has warned that more than five million people are on the brink of famine.

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