High-ranking Emirati official arrives in Israel for mutual cooperation talks
The visit comes as a reinforcement of the Abraham Accords signed between Israel and the UAE
By News Desk - February 07 2022

(Photo credit: AFP/Jack Guez)

According to the Emirates News Agency (WAM), Ali al-Nuaimi, the Chairman of the Security and Defense Committee of the UAE Federal National Council arrived in Israel on 7 February to meet with Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid.

The meeting revolved around ways to enhance mutual cooperation between the two states, and emphasized the importance of the Abraham Accords, signed between the UAE and Israel on 13 August of 2020.

According to WAM, during the meeting, an emphasis was placed on the normalization agreement signed between Israel and the Emirates aims “to ensure peace in [West Asia] and denounce extremism and hatred through achieving economic prosperity and development in the region.”

Al-Nuaimi emphasized the significance of “parliamentary diplomacy” as a tool to strengthen ties between Israel and the UAE.

On 30 January, a missile attack launched by Yemen’s Ansarallah resistance movement struck Abu Dhabi during a visit by Israeli president Isaac Herzog.

This was the third attack on the UAE carried out by Ansarallah, the first two taking place on 17 January and 24 January.

The UAE is an active member of the Saudi-led coalition’s ruthless bombing campaign against Yemen. The coalition has intensified its strikes in recent weeks, leading to countless civilian deaths.

Al-Nuaimi’s visit to Israel follows the UAE visit of Frank McKenzie, the Commander of the US Central Command on 6 February for a meeting regarding the improvement of the UAE’s military capabilities.

“I think it’s a very worrisome time for the UAE. They are looking for support. We are here to help them provide that support,” McKenzie had said during his visit.

The US recently ordered the deployment of a warship and F-22 fighter jets to the Gulf country as part of a plan to support it against future attacks.

The Yemeni army, which is allied to and which fights alongside the Ansarallah resistance movement, has promised further attacks if the UAE does not cease its aggression on Yemen.

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