Syrian army and citizens in Al-Hasakah drive out US military convoy
Despite US denial, Syrian citizens have documented hundreds of US convoys of oil tankers transporting stolen Syrian oil to Iraq through an illegal border crossing
By News Desk - February 14 2022

File image. A US military convoy on a highway in Northern Syria on 21 October 2019. (Photo credit: REUTERS/Ari Jalal).

Working alongside local citizens, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) intercepted and expelled a US military convoy that was attempting to enter the village of Tal Dahab in Al-Hasakah governorate on 13 February.

According to the Syrian news agency (SANA), the convoy comprised six US military vehicles and one vehicle belonging to a US-backed armed group.

The convoy was reportedly stopped at an army checkpoint and was forced to retreat when angry residents hurled stones at it.

The mission of US soldiers in Syria has not yet been established. The US has occupied large parts of northeastern Syrian under the pretext of fighting ISIS.

Washington claims its troops are helping to secure the oilfields in the region from falling into the hands of ISIS.

The government of Syria, however, says the US is using its occupation to loot and plunder Syrian resources, such as oil and wheat.

Despite US denials, local media outlets and residents have in recent years documented hundreds of US convoys of oil tankers transporting stolen Syrian oil into northern Iraq through the illegal Al-Walid border crossing.

The theft of Syrian oil deprives Damascus of the revenue it needs to provide services to citizens and to rebuild the country that has been ravaged by war since 2011, when US-backed armed groups launched an armed campaign to overthrow the government.

The US uses the revenue it raises from the stolen oil to fund the armed groups fighting against the Syrian government.

Damascus says the occupation has created a security vacuum that has enabled armed groups such as ISIS to emerge and flourish.

The government of Syria has, on numerous occasions, appealed to the United Nations to denounce the illegal US occupation.

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