Israel missile attack on Damascus kills three Syrian soldiers
Israeli has carried out four missile attacks on Syrian soil over the last two weeks
By News Desk - February 24 2022

File photo. Syrian air defense systems respond to an Israeli missile attack on Damascus on 4 May 2020. (Photo credit: AP Photo/Hassan Ammar)

An Israeli missile strike in the early morning of 24 February targeting the Syrian capital Damascus killed at least three members of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Local media outlets reported that the country’s air defense systems were activated to intercept the missiles, however some managed to strike their intended targets.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) quoted an unnamed military official as saying: “At about 1:10am on Thursday, the Israeli enemy carried out an aerial aggression with bursts of missiles from the direction of northern Lake Tiberias, targeting some points in the vicinity of Damascus City, and our air defense system confronted the missiles and downed most of them.”

The attack came just a day after the Israeli occupation fired missiles targeting several locations in the city of Quneitra, causing some material damage. The missiles were reportedly launched from the occupied Syrian Golan.

This latest aggression by Tel Aviv brought the number of Israeli attacks during the last two weeks to four.

The Israeli occupation, which has carried out hundreds of airstrikes on Syria since 2011, has in recent months escalated these unprovoked attacks.

Tel Aviv claims that it is targeting the positions of what it calls Iranian backed fighters. However, these attacks have killed dozens of Syrian soldiers and civilians and have caused serious damage to the country’s strategic facilities, such as ports and airports.

The indiscriminate attacks by Israel are also preventing millions of Syrian refugees from returning to their country..

The government of Syria has unsuccessfully made numerous pleas to the UN to compel Tel Aviv to end the attacks. Damascus says the attacks are not only a threat to the lives of its citizens but also an attack on its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Recently, Syrian Foreign Minister Faysal Mikdad said the Israeli military strikes were hampering the fight against western-backed armed groups that have been trying to overthrow the government of Syria since 2011.

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