Explosions in sports fields kill and wound children in Afghanistan
Herat officials had recently cleared the sports field for explosives, leading them to believe the devices were intentionally planted
By News Desk - April 02 2022

Victims of bomb blasts recuperate at a hospital in Herat on 1 April. (Photo credit: AFP)

On 1 April, two separate explosions in Herat and Helmand, Afghanistan, killed and injured several children.

Five children were killed by each explosion and least 20 were wounded in Herat, with two wounded in Helmand.

Taliban officials in Herat said they believed the bombs were recently planted. No such statement was issued by authorities in Helmand, leading to the possibility of an accident.

Herat provincial spokesman, Mahmood Rasoly, said the bombs went off in various types of sports fields.

The children killed in Herat were playing in a sports field when two bombs went off in succession. Sabit Harwi, the Taliban-appointed spokesman for the intelligence office in Herat, said the area was recently cleared for unexploded ordinances, leading to the suspicion that they were planted recently.

Local police in Herat discovered and diffused two other bombs following the deadly explosion.

The explosion in Helmand occurred as a group of children came across an unexploded mortar shell. Many similar accidental discoveries of explosive ordinances have killed children as they search for scrap metal to sell in order to support their families.

The UN has recently warned about the looming crisis in Afghanistan – mostly, however, in relation to the economy and food shortages. The UN is seeking to raise $4.4 billion in humanitarian assistance for the Central Asian country.

Since the Taliban victory against the US-backed Afghan army last August, Afghanistan has been mired in a humanitarian crisis as a result of a western economic blockade that has denied the country access to its foreign reserves.

During a recent meeting of foreign ministers of Afghanistan’s neighbors in China, the Chinese foreign minister stated that Afghanistan cannot be cut off from the international community.

Participants at the meeting agreed that NATO and the US must bear the responsibility for the costs of rebuilding Afghanistan given their roles for the decades of war that have destabilized the country.

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