Twitter suspends Arabic-language account of Yemeni armed forces spokesperson
The suspension of the Yemeni armed forces' spokesperson comes days after Saudi Arabia imposed an unelected presidential council to lay claim to rulership over Yemen
By News Desk - April 10 2022

Yahya Saree, Yemeni armed forces spokesperson (Photo credit: HispanTV)

Twitter has suspended the Arabic-language account of Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson Yahya Saree on 9 April.

The account had over 300,000 followers and provided the Yemeni perspective on the military equation in the face of the US-backed, Saudi-led aggression that has been ongoing since 2015.

Suspended account of Yemeni armed forces spokesperson Yahye Saree (screenshot taken on 10 April)

Saree’s English language account remains active at the time of this report.

Silicon Valley social media giants such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others routinely issue arbitrary bans, suspensions, temporary restrictions, and other punitive measures on those who present points of view contrary to the narrative of the US and its allies.

A 2017 report by The Intercept detailed how Facebook admitted to deleting accounts at the request of the US and Israeli governments.

A 2016 report from the same outlet also illustrated how Facebook determines its censorship policies based on advice from the Israeli government.

The string of arbitrary censorship continues despite a massive buyout of Twitter stock by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who has publicly complained about some of Twitter’s censorship policies.

The suspension of Saree’s Arabic language account comes days after Saudi Arabia imposed a ‘presidential council’ to lay claim to ruling over Yemen, a move rejected by the popular Ansarallah-led government in Sanaa.

The blocking of Saree on Twitter serves to prevent Ansarallah from putting out its perspective to the Arabic-speaking world, and to impede a balanced platform of narratives.

Despite the UN-brokered truce between Saudi Arabia and Yemen announced on 30 March, Saudi Arabia has violated the truce by shelling Yemeni towns and seizing UN-approved fuel ships.

And while several seized fuel ships have been allowed to enter Yemeni ports, the war-torn country continues to experience one of the worst humanitarian crises as a result of the Saudi-led war and its economic blockade on Yemen.

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