Hacker group releases info on Mossad’s alleged involvement in Kazakhstan
This is the second leak of information on Mossad-related activity by the Open Hands hacker group
By News Desk - April 11 2022

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. (Photo credit: Akorda.kz)

The hacker group known as Open Hands has once again released sensitive information on the Israeli spy agency, Mossad, and its activities.

Their recent data leak from 7 April was a mini-documentary film showing alleged Mossad activity in Kazakhstan. The film featured anonymous members of the hacker group whose faces were blacked out by shadows. They spoke English, Russian, and Arabic.

The film showcased how the Mossad secretly engages in business activity related to the mining of lithium and other rare earth ores through various front companies.

The film can be found on their Telegram channel.

While it is also found on YouTube, it is unclear for how long it will last until it is subject to YouTube’s censorship policies. Various Silicon Valley social media giants have been accused of bias towards the US, Israel, and their allies.

In a statement from their Telegram channel on 5 April, Open Hands declared that “in light of Israel’s counterproductive presence and breaches of national dignities in the region, especially the Mossad’s latest attempt to assassinate Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, Open Hands will publish an exclusive documentary about Israeli destructive presence in Kazakhstan.”

Taunting the Israeli security establishment, they added: “Are you sure that the only breach is from Mr Bernea’s wife email account? Do you still deny that your national security is damaged?”

The previous leaks of Open Hands presented materials obtained from Mossad chief David Barnea and his wife.

The hacker group released the information on 15 March on their Telegram channel. The sensitive data included his salary information, tax forms, ID cards, personal photos, plane tickets, and satellite images of his home.

His video chats were also hacked, with images of him making faces during a private video chat released as part of the intel dump.

Barnea’s wage bill from 2020 was released as part of the hack from his wife’s old phone.

Israeli officials, firms, and companies have been hit with similar hacks in the past, by groups under the name of Moses Staff and Black Shadow.

On 14 March, Israel declared a state of emergency when it experienced the largest cyber attack in its history, causing many of its government websites to crash.

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