Israel accuses Arab MP of incitement, calls for his arrest
Ayman Odeh, Arab-Israeli Knesset member, called on all Arab citizens in the army and security forces to lay down their weapons and resign
By News Desk - April 11 2022

(Photo credit: Al-Mayadeen)

On 11 April, Israel demanded the arrest of Knesset MP and lawmaker Ayman Odeh, one day after he called on Arab citizens in the Israeli army and police force to lay down their arms and resign.

Odeh, a member of the Joint Arab List in the Israeli parliament, called on Israel’s conscripts to “throw the weapons in their faces” on 10 April.

“Ayman Odeh’s incendiary words require an urgent criminal investigation and trial,” Knesset member Nir Barkat said.

“It is inconceivable that while Israel is facing a deadly wave of terrorism, a member of the Knesset in Israel calls for the rebellion of Arab citizens and the harming of Israel’s security,” he added.

Another Israeli MP, Amir Ohana, said that Odeh must be arrested and put on trial.

According to Israeli media, the police are seeking judicial approval to open an investigation and charge Odeh with incitement.

“Young people must not join the occupation forces. I call on the young people who have already joined, who are no more than one percent, a total of a few thousand, whose participation is insulting and humiliating, I call on them to throw the weapons in their faces and to tell them that our place is not with you. We will not be part of injustice and crime,” Odeh said on 10 April in a video speech.

Odeh’s remarks came in the aftermath of the latest attack in Israel, which left two dead and 12 wounded in central Tel Aviv.

The suspected gunman was shot dead by police near a mosque in Jaffa early on 8 April after a massive manhunt by hundreds of occupation officers and army special forces who searched building by building.

“We grant full freedom of action to the IDF, the Shin Bet and all security forces in order to eradicate terrorism. There are and will be no restrictions in this war,” Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said after the attack.

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