US embassy attempting to delay elections in Lebanon: Hezbollah chief
Hassan Nasrallah also hailed the Palestinian resistance against Israel, saying that Tel Aviv would be 'delusional' to think Palestinians will fall prey to despair
By News Desk - April 12 2022

(Photo credit: Ratib Al Safadi/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

During a televised speech on 11 April, the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, issued a warning about attempts from the US embassy to delay upcoming parliamentary elections in Lebanon.

“We have the right to accuse the US embassy of seeking to postpone the parliamentary elections,” Nasrallah said, “as there is a strong sense from the US embassy and other embassies, towards the current parliamentary majority maintaining its position.”

Nasrallah went on to say that “one of the objectives postponing the elections may be to reduce citizen enthusiasm towards participation … We are waging an electoral battle, and we must participate with all enthusiasm in the polls.”

The resistance leader also raised concerns about possible interference from Saudi Arabia in the coming elections, saying “Riyadh spent a lot of money in Lebanon in the 2009 elections … much of that Saudi money was not spent on the elections, but was placed into the accounts of political officials in Lebanon.”

In particular, Israeli-trained Christian leader Samir Geagea has maintained deep links with the kingdom, as just last month he called on Saudi leaders to return to Lebanon because “the Lebanese people are in dire need of their assistance.”

Elsewhere in his speech, the Hezbollah leader hailed the recent “acts of heroism” by Palestinians against Israel, saying the Lebanese resistance movement will continue to stand with the Palestinian people to achieve victory.

“We must stand with all reverence and pride before the heroism of the men, youth, women, children and elderly of occupied Palestine,” Nasrallah said before highlighting that “what is happening in occupied Palestine has great implications regarding the conflict with the enemy, and the future of the Israeli entity.”

Nasrallah also warned Tel Aviv against “betting on the despair and frustration of the Palestinian people,” saying it would be “delusional” to do so. “If you think that the official Arab letdown will lead to the retreat of Palestinian youth, you are deluded.”

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