Syria and UAE officials meet to discuss bilateral cooperation
By News Desk - April 14 2022

(Photo Credit: The European Press photo Agency)

The Syrian Minister of Local Administration and Environment, Hussein Makhlouf, and the Chargé d’Affairs of the UAE Embassy in Damascus, Abdul Hakim al-Nuaimi, met in Damascus on 14 April to discuss joint cooperation efforts among both nations.

According to SANA news agency, Makhlouf talked about the importance of friendly diplomatic relations between Syria and the UAE, the possibility of exchanging experiences between the two countries, and deepening joint working relations.

The Syrian news agency reported that the Emirati diplomat Al-Nuaimi spoke of “the depth and strength of common ties that link Syria and the UAE and their peoples,” and hoped those ties “would witness further development.”

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad marked the first visit to an Arab country since the start of the conflict in Syria when he arrived in the UAE in March 2022 to meet with the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al-Maktoum.

Meeting at the sheikh’s vacation home in Al-Marmoom on 18 March, the two leaders discussed mutual relations and the bilateral expansion of economic and commercial cooperation.

During their conversation, the Emirati leader also expressed his hopes that Assad’s visit would help usher in a new era of “good will, peace, and stability” for the war-torn nation.

Al-Assad also met with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed (MbZ), a one-time supporter of opposition militants in the decade-long Syrian conflict.

During their meeting, MbZ reportedly referred to Syria as “a fundamental pillar of Arab security.”

“The UAE is keen to strengthen cooperation with Syria to achieve the aspirations of the brotherly Syrian people towards stability and development,” the crown prince said.

The meeting between Syria and the UAE also came as Abu Dhabi continues to move away from Washington’s sphere of influence, and to embrace its ties with Moscow, which played a major role in recent victories by Damascus against US-backed armed groups.

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