Iraqi officials slam Turkish military incursion into the Kurdistan region
Baghdad has stressed that all foreign military operations on Iraqi soil must be conducted in coordination with the government, which Turkey has failed to do
By News Desk - April 19 2022

(Photo credit: Emrah Oprukcu/NurPhoto)

Following the Turkish military incursion into the Kurdish region of northern Iraq on 18 April, Iraqi officials from across the board have condemned the action as a violation of Iraqi sovereignty.

The Turkish military launched attacks into the Iraqi border to quell what they claim are threats from Kurdish militant groups, particularly the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), operating near the Iraqi-Turkish border.

Dubbed Operation Claw Lock, the Turkish military allegedly seeks to prevent cross-border terror attacks. Additionally, Turkey claims that the PKK was planning a large-scale assault.

The Iraqi foreign ministry has labeled the incursion into its borders as illegal, stating that it ‚Äúconsiders this action a violation of its sovereignty and sanctity, as an act that violates international covenants and laws that regulate relations between countries.”

The spokesperson for Iraqi President Barham Salih also condemned the Turkish incursion, stating that the government is following the Turkish military operations on Iraqi borders in the Kurdistan Region with concern. “The frequent operations that occur without coordination with Iraq are unacceptable,” spokesperson said.

Condemnation also came from Sadrist movement leader, Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, who stated that any military activity on Iraq’s borders must be made in coordination with Baghdad prior to action.

“We will not remain silent if Turkey repeats this action. Iraq is a fully sovereign state and will not accept aggression nor destabilization of security against either Iraq or friendly neighboring countries,” Al-Sadr stated.

Iraq is currently in the process of forming a new government despite hitting various obstacles.

The Sadrist bloc, which won last year’s controversial elections, has withdrawn from negotiations for the future government and left it in the hands of the Coordination Framework (CF), giving them a 40-day window which started on the first day of Ramadan.

The CF is an ad hoc group of Shia parties with close ties to the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU).

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