F.M. Shakil
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F.M. Shakil is a Pakistani writer covering political, environmental, and economic issues, and is a regular contributor at Akhbar Al-Aan in Dubai and Asia Times in Hong Kong. He writes extensively about China-Pakistan strategic relations, particularly Beijing's trillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).
The Iran-Saudi deal: A bid to end endless war
The Beijing-brokered rapprochement between Tehran and Riyadh is expected to have significant implications for peace and prosperity in and around West Asia, given the considerable influence the two nations wield in the region.
By F.M. Shakil Mar 23, 2023
Will Pakistan defy US sanctions to complete ‘Peace Pipeline’ with Iran?
Pakistan risks major financial setbacks if it fails to construct its part of a gas pipeline with Iran. Islamabad must follow India's lead in resisting US sanctions to secure vital national energy supply.
By F.M. Shakil Mar 07, 2023
In a US-China confrontation, West Asia will bow out
A significant increase in geopolitical and economic ties with China has offered West Asian states an alternative to the US, which has traditionally been the region's security guarantor.
By F.M. Shakil Feb 24, 2023
Iranian oil exports to Pakistan hindered by sanctions and thriving black market
Despite defying US sanctions on Russian fuel imports, Islamabad has shied away from doing the same with Tehran, hindering potential lucrative bilateral trade between the two neighboring states. 
By F.M. Shakil Feb 07, 2023
Dead on arrival: The west’s B3W initiative to rival China’s BRI
While Washington is focused on establishing rival 'global' projects to Beijing's Belt and Road Initiative, most of these drive profits and benefits right back to the United States.
By F.M. Shakil Jan 25, 2023