Zaher Mousa
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Zaher Mousa is an opinion writer, producer, and presenter of political programs. He has written documentaries and worked in newsrooms and news agencies in Iraq.
The clash of two cities: Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, and the future of Iraq’s Kurdistan
The most successful Kurdish political experiment in West Asia is unravelling due to increasing divisions between the KDP and PUK, the two biggest political parties in Iraqi Kurdistan.
By Zaher Mousa Mar 16, 2023
Washington’s Dollar-and-Stick ploy with Iraq
Iraqi officials are in Washington to discuss “economic reforms” but are in fact being pressured to shun Iranian energy imports in the hope of having US sanctions and dollar rations lifted.
By Zaher Mousa Feb 16, 2023
The US holds Iraq hostage with the dollar
Since 2003, Iraq is required to send all its oil revenues to a single US bank account. Washington is now weaponizing Baghdad's own dollars against Iraq, by devaluing its currency and hindering payments.
By Zaher Mousa Jan 22, 2023