Hedwig Kuijpers
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Hedwig Kuijpers is a Belgian geopolitics commentator with a focus on West Asia, especially Kurdish politics. A polyglot, she speaks local languages such as Kurmanji and Sorani Kurdish, Persian and Turkish, that allow her to easily follow different party and state outlets and communicate with locals. Hedwig has spent nearly a decade in the region, and is currently traveling in Iran.
Former KDPI chief Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou: A Kurdish spy for Saddam?
Late Iranian-Kurdish leader Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou is best remembered as an arbitrator between the Kurds and Baathist Iraq, however leaked documents reveal he was actually on Saddam’s payroll tasked with undermining the Iraqi opposition.
By Hedwig Kuijpers Aug 25, 2022
Erbil strikes: Is Mossad illegally operating in Iraqi Kurdistan?
The Tehran-Tel Aviv war is out in the open. Israel's Mossad is actively pursuing an infiltration of Iran's strategic depth and edging up to its borders. But now Iran will retaliate to oust the Israelis from places they don't belong.
By Hedwig Kuijpers Mar 17, 2022
Meet the Anglo-Turkish oil company with an iron grip on KRG oil
The Kurdistan Regional Government has sold its soul to Turkish oil predators and Iraq is paying the price. Genel Energy is one such company, and the debt it has generated holds the country in hock.
By Hedwig Kuijpers Sep 13, 2021
Shaken by a family feud, will Iraqi Kurdistan’s PUK survive?
The PUK has just emerged from a three-year leadership battle between two branches of the Talabani family. It is unlikely to be over yet, and there are local and regional ramifications to this family fight.
By Hedwig Kuijpers Aug 05, 2021