Kit Klarenberg
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Kit Klarenberg is a British investigative journalist whose work explores the role of intelligence services in shaping politics and perceptions.
Leaked files: How Britain trains Jordan to spy on its citizens
The British government covertly trained Jordanian security services in techniques known as “digital media exploitation” which has been used to monitor, manipulate, and disrupt dissent in the kingdom.
By Kit Klarenberg Jan 24, 2023
Iran, Syria, Yemen: Twitter’s collaboration with the US military in information warfare
The damning exposure of collusion between the Pentagon and Twitter raises further suspicions about Washington’s ongoing online operations in West Asia.
By Kit Klarenberg Dec 27, 2022
Can western intel agencies spy on Hezbollah via crypto?
Although branded as a safe and secure mode of transaction, cryptocurrency networks are still vulnerable to hacking. In sanctions-hit and economic crisis-ridden Lebanon, this poses an existential threat to all Lebanese.
By Kit Klarenberg Dec 20, 2022
Made in Britain: How London handpicks Iraqi leaders
An investigation into how the British government groomed young, impressionable Iraqis to serve as their political agents.
By Kit Klarenberg Nov 15, 2022
How British intelligence weaponizes the Sunni clergy class
For decades, London has financed, trained, and sought to influence Islamic scholars, Imams, and their pious followers. The UK's agenda is to mold Islamic influencers into promoting British narratives of the world.
By Kit Klarenberg Nov 08, 2022