The Cradle's Lebanon Correspondent
Exclusive interview with Hezbollah commander in Iraq: ‘The Americans did not fight ISIS’
The Cradle speaks with a senior Hezbollah military official in Iraq on the crucial role played by Iran’s late Quds Force Commander Major General Qassem Soleimani in leading the resistance against ISIS.
By The Cradle's Lebanon Correspondent Jan 04, 2023
Winners and losers in the Lebanon-Israel maritime deal?
For Lebanon, the maritime border demarcation agreement between Beirut and Tel Aviv is a wash if economic gains do not follow
By The Cradle's Lebanon Correspondent Oct 17, 2022
Stealing Lebanon’s elections: the Saudi plan to seize the state
Saudi Arabia is banking on sectarian strife and street violence to usher in its new alliance to an electoral victory in Lebanon's March 2022 elections
By The Cradle's Lebanon Correspondent Nov 08, 2021
Hezbollah is prepared to expel America from Lebanon
As US interference in Lebanon's collapse continues, Hezbollah threatens retaliatory steps to eject American influence across all Lebanese institutions.
By The Cradle's Lebanon Correspondent Oct 12, 2021
Fuel paralysis: How 14 private companies control Lebanon’s oil supply and set its prices
Lebanon's energy crisis is a consequence of the state allowing 14 private companies to monopolize and set prices in this most strategic sector. How then to break this monopoly by the country's political elite, when the oil cartel is run by the same powers who govern Lebanon?
By The Cradle's Lebanon Correspondent Oct 07, 2021