Tulin Daloglu
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Tulin Daloglu is an independent foreign policy analyst and writer based in Ankara, Turkey. For the past 25 years, she has written extensively for various Turkish and English-language publications, including the International Herald Tribune, The Middle East Times, Al-Monitor, the SAIS Turkey Analyst Report, ForeignPolicy.com, and The Daily Star (Lebanon). Tulin also had a regular column at the Washington Times for almost four years, chronicling developments in both Turkey and West Asia.
As Turkey’s economy collapses, calls for constitutional reforms grow
Soaring inflation, fluctuating currency rates, epic hike rates demand that Turkey institute urgent constitutional reforms
By Tulin Daloglu Jan 10, 2022
An Emirati Trojan horse in Turkey
Erdogan welcomed MbZ with open arms and gained $10 billion for it; chump change for the Emirati crown prince who is on a quest to reshape West Asia
By Tulin Daloglu Dec 02, 2021
As Turkey spars with its western bride, the east nudges closer
Turkey averted yet another clash with western allies last weekend, but for how long can it endure the abuse before it makes a sharp turn east?
By Tulin Daloglu Oct 27, 2021
Washington or Moscow: decision-time for Erdogan in northern Syria
Continued US support for Kurdish militants is taking its toll on US-Turkish relations. Turkey's President Erdogan may finally have to choose between an American or Russian direction for his country.
By Tulin Daloglu Oct 15, 2021