Agha Hussain
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Agha Hussein is a graduate of the London School of Economics and a geopolitical analyst based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan with a special focus on West Asia, the Eastern Mediterranean and Caucasus regions.
MbS-Kushner investments could complicate vital Saudi regional diplomacy
The Saudis need to choose: Will it be regional stability with Tehran or regional cooperation with Tel Aviv? Riyadh cannot have both.
By Agha Hussain Jun 05, 2022
Were Iran’s Kurdistan strikes aimed at Turkish-Israeli entente?
The missile strikes in Erbil reveal a more assertive Iran in responding to Israel’s provocations. However, could they also be aimed at hampering Turkey and Israel’s recently restored relations?
By Agha Hussain Apr 11, 2022
Is Qatar the means for a US comeback in Eurasia?
Energy-rich Qatar’s designation as a major non-NATO ally may upset the Persian Gulf balance, but could be a means for the US to counter a Sino-Russian lockhold on Eurasia.
By Agha Hussain Mar 21, 2022
Will Yemen test the limits of Israel–UAE strategic synergy?
The extent and limitations of a UAE geopolitical response to Ansarallah attacks will be the Abraham Accords' real litmus test for Israel's Iran war hawks
By Agha Hussain Feb 03, 2022
The Iran-Azerbaijan gas swap deal: Has Tehran’s tough posturing paid off?
The Turkish-supported gas swap deal is not so much a capitulation as a calculated concession from Azerbaijan, which now acknowledges its relationship with Israel as an Iranian red line.
By Agha Hussain Dec 14, 2021