Omar Ahmed
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Omar Ahmed is a UK-based analyst and journalist focused on the political and religious affairs of West Asia. He holds an MSc in International Security and Global Governance from Birkbeck, University of London.
The BBC’s abysmal coverage of Qatar’s World Cup
The British state-owned broadcaster’s refusal to show Qatar’s Opening Ceremony reeks of hypocrisy
By Omar Ahmad Nov 21, 2022
Profit before pilgrims: Saudis may have forgotten Arab hospitality, but it’s still alive in Iraq
Once a destination immersing Muslim pilgrims in the experience of a common faith, unity and equality, management of the Hajj today runs on the engine of commercialization, wiping out centuries of tradition.
By Omar Ahmad Jul 04, 2022
Mind tricks: Why resistance to Israel and imperialism are called ‘Shia causes’
The Arab and Muslim street remains firmly opposed to western imperialism and Israel. So their Arab Sunni rulers began calling all resistance 'Shia.'
By Omar Ahmad Apr 20, 2022